Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have the NY Jets Reached the Rich Kotite Moment?

I have read in the New York papers and at other internet sport sites that Rex Ryan maybe on his way out as the Jets head coach. This will be a good thing. I like many life long Jets fans were so elated when Woody Johnson hired the boisterous coach.

The Jets went to the playoffs, Mark Sanchez was Ryan's "boy" to groom to be the New York version of "Tommy Boy" and life was grand. Then things went south quickly. The Jets finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs in 2011 and then the Jets brain trust thought they needed Peyton Manning and pursue the HOF QB, only to be rejected and in doing so, damaged the fragile Sanchez. To make matters worse, the Jets hired Tim Tebow and all his hype, further damaging the fractured psyche of their young quarter back.

The Jets are at a crossroads and Sanchez and the QB situation is just one reason for the failure of the Jets. There are holes and gaps in every area of the team, from the GM on down. The Jets will finish the season today, but in reality the season is just starting for the Jets. A new season with a different brain trust and a different cast of characters.

Lets Go Jets 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Knicks What a Surprise

I have been following the Knicks for a long time, before it was chic. When the player's names were Komives and Bellamy, before DeBusschere, Reed, Frazier, Barnett, Bradley and Monroe were household names, I was watching the Knicks when ever they were on the road.

In those days there was no TNT or ESPN there was only WOR channel 9 in NYC and because of blackout rules home games were never shown on TV and I never had the opportunity to see the Knicks in person until
I played at the Old Garden and then the New Garden, which stands on 33st. and 7th ave during my HS basketball playing days at Saint Augustine's HS in Park Slope.

The Knicks watched us play, in a near empty MSG, prior to their own game, which was the night cap of the basketball double header. Meeting Willis Reed in the runway to the court after our game was finished is still fresh in my mind, as is seeing the MSG marquee with the names of the teams in lights on the December night.

This year's team, led by the Brooklyn born Carmelo Anthony is off to the best start since forever and they remind people of a time when the Garden would be rocking, from well before the game started, to the final horn.

Red Holzman would be proud of the current Knicks' team play and defense. The 69/70 championship is evidence of what those two concepts can do to a team, of course Holzman had a future HOF at every position and one on the bench and no bigger presence than Willis Reed. In Reed, Red had the last line of defense and on offense a player who could shoot as well from the outside as well as dominate inside. In one February game that season against the Baltimore Bullets, Reed had 36 points and astonishing 36 rebounds. During that 69/70 season Willis was selected MVP of the All Star game, the League MVP and MVP of the NBA Finals. 

Melo is this years version of Willis Reed and as the 69/70 team revolved around Reed, this years team revolves him. The supporting cast is crucial clog in the Knicks' early success. JR Smith is playing the best basketball of his career coming off the bench.

I like this team and I like Woodson and his coaching style. Today's game is a big test for the Knicks as they play the now winners of 4 in a row Lakers in La La Land. Today, maybe Knick fans get to see Amare Stoudemire who has not played one minute this season and has been rumored to be ready to play. There are many fans who are wondering what Stoudemire's role will be and will he be happy playing second fiddle to Melo.

Lets Go Knicks

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas

I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.